Our Clients

Meet some of our typical clients. We help young professionals and young families build comprehensive financial plans to manage their income and expenses, pay off debt, and invest their savings wisely. We help our clients reach their financial goals, whether that be buying a house, starting a family, or something completely different, like taking six months off to travel the world.


Meet Sarah. Sarah recently graduated from university and landed a job at a marketing agency. Sarah works hard and doesn’t have much time to manage her finances. She wanted to simplify her finances. She also wanted a plan to help her pay off her debt quickly… but still leave room for frequent travel. We helped Sarah prioritize her spending to align with her goals. Sarah also wanted help with her employer RRSP matching. We created a retirement plan plus an investment plan to maximize her employer matching.


Meet Michele and Trevor. Michele and Trevor recently got engaged. They wanted help to combine their finances and plan their financial goals together. We helped Michele and Trevor discover their financial values and create joint financial goals. We also helped them integrate their finances, helping find a system that worked for them. Michele and Trevor had big financial goals. In the short term they wanted to buy a house. In the long term they wanted to become financially independent. We helped them figure out how much house they could afford and created an investment plan that would help them reach financial independence by age fifty.

Young Families

Meet Beth, Steve and Frances. Beth and Steve came to us when baby Frances was just 6 months old. They were sleep deprived and needed help managing all their new expenses, plus Beth was going back to work soon so they needed a plan. They also were planning on having a second child within the next 12-18 months and they wanted to know if they could to take an 18 month leave with their second child while still paying their mortgage, car payments, RESP etc. Together we created three different budgets and we planned out their income and expenses for the next 10 years. We were able to help them prioritize their expenses and optimize government benefits to help them reach their goals.

No commissions. No sales goals. Just advice.

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