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Mortgage-Free In Just Five Years

Today we’ve got a guest post on The Frugal Farmer. Laurie has an awesome personal finance blog where she talks about getting out of debt, building wealth and also homesteading in the Midwest.

When we bought our first home it was in the middle of the financial crisis. It came with a $240,000 mortgage. It was a ridiculous sum of money. It also seemed like a very risky time to buy, people were being laid off, the stock market was tanking, and we took on a massive amount of debt. It was the largest amount of money we had ever owed.

Financially, we’re pretty risk averse. We didn’t like the idea of owing someone a large amount of money. We knew we wanted to be mortgage free one day, but our dream to pay off the mortgage early started as a joke. We’d talk about it. We’d laugh. It seemed impossible.

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Budgeting Tips: Are You Suffering From Budget Fatigue?

Budget fatigue is real and it can destroy your budget. Sticking to a budget takes willpower and we only have so much willpower. Slowly we deplete our willpower throughout the day as we encounter frustrating or difficult tasks.

There are lots of things that deplete our willpower, from emotional stress to something as simple as making frequent decisions.

Sticking to a budget is no different. It requires making many small decisions about whether to buy something or not. Pervasive advertising doesn’t make budgeting easy either. We’re constantly being bombarded with messages to buy more stuff or buy different stuff or buy better stuff. Advertising is designed to be emotional, to persuade you to buy something, and resisting these emotions takes a lot of willpower.

So how can you reduce budget fatigue and increase your willpower? Here are three budgeting tips to help you boost your willpower and avoid budget fatigue.

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Debt: The Nasty Little Gift That Keeps On Giving (& How To Get Out)

Debt is the nasty little gift that keeps on giving. Constantly growing and taunting you with interest and minimum payments.

Left unchecked debt can spiral out of control. The good news is that there are lots of different strategies to help you tackle your debt. Many people have been in the same situation and they’re now living debt free. It just takes some planning and dedication to get out of debt.

Debt elimination is possible. Put debt in its place by doing these three things…

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Confessions of a Reverse Budgeter

There’s something I must confess, I like to budget backwards.

It’s not something I do on purpose. It’s just the way I like to do it. It just FEELS right. I am a reverse budgeter.

Most people budget the typical way. They add up all their expenses. They take their income and subtract this amount. Whatever’s left over goes into savings.

This never worked for me. I always did it backwards. Not on purpose, it just happened naturally that way.

I’d start with my income and first subtract savings. Then I’d subtract fixed expenses. Then the left over would be my spending money.

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