Calling All Financial Voyeurs! See Our Emergency Budget

Calling All Financial Voyeurs! See Our Emergency Budget

When you’re on a tight budget the fear of the unknown is very real. Any little bump can cause major issues. Things like an emergency fund are key to help avoid those issues. An emergency fund helps bridge the gap when cash flow is tight. More importantly however is that an emergency fund helps you worry less about the unknown.

Emergency funds aren’t the only thing that can help you worry less.

There are many things you can do to increase your financial flexibility and worry less about those unknown problems that come up from time to time.

One thing you can do is have a high savings rate. Having a high (+20%) savings rate will give you room breathe.

Another thing you can do is have more than one income stream. Having income from your job, plus investments, plus rentals/AirBnB, plus side gigs will help increase your financial flexibility.

Lastly, and this is what I want to share with you now, having an emergency budget will help you prepare for the bad times and worry less during the good times.

Guess How Many Of Us Feel Financial Stress?

Guess How Many Of Us Feel Financial Stress?

A lot. That’s how many.

Last year 64% of millennials said that they feel stressed about their finances!*

Financial stress impacts us more than any other stress factor. More than our family, more than our health, more than our job, we stress about money the most.
This isn’t too surprising.

Money is at the center of everything we do. Without money, we can’t survive. In the past, it was possible to get by without money. You could barter, trade, do it yourself. But in the 21st century that’s not realistic. Are you going to build your own smart phone? Everyone needs money.

Because everyone needs money everyone is at risk of feeling financial stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five ways to reduce your financial stress.

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