PlanEasy + Adviice

We’re excited to partner with Adviice to make financial planning even easier. Adviice is the platform we use to create custom financial plans with our clients and now you can use it directly for just $9/month!

At PlanEasy we have unfortunately reached maximum capacity. We’re grateful to all of our clients for their loyalty and referrals. Going forward we will only be able to work with a select 1-2 new clients per month.

As a result, we’ve partnered with Adviice to provide you with direct access to the platform for just $9/month. On Adviice you’ll get access to detailed AI driven planning tools as well as email/video instruction that will help make it easy to create a financial plan.

On Adviice you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with us (when we have availability) as well as other advice-only and fee-only financial planners from across the country. See the video for more details.

For only $9 we believe everyone should have a financial plan!

We recommend starting your financial plan today!

Owen Winkelmolen
Advice-Only Financial Planner, CFP®

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