Budgeting Tips: Are You Suffering From Budget Fatigue?

Budgeting Tips: Are You Suffering From Budget Fatigue?

Budget fatigue is real and it can destroy your budget. Sticking to a budget takes willpower and we only have so much willpower. Slowly we deplete our willpower throughout the day as we encounter frustrating or difficult tasks.

There are lots of things that deplete our willpower, from emotional stress to something as simple as making frequent decisions.

Sticking to a budget is no different. It requires making many small decisions about whether to buy something or not. Pervasive advertising doesn’t make budgeting easy either. We’re constantly being bombarded with messages to buy more stuff or buy different stuff or buy better stuff. Advertising is designed to be emotional, to persuade you to buy something, and resisting these emotions takes a lot of willpower.

So how can you reduce budget fatigue and increase your willpower? Here are three budgeting tips to help you boost your willpower and avoid budget fatigue.

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